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Trust Your Exteriors To A Vancouver Pressure Washing Company

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If you own a home or business in Vancouver, it would be wise to take advantage of Simple Clean’s unparalleled pressure washing services to keep your property’s hardscapes looking flawless. We have a passion for helping our clients restore their exterior surfaces to enjoy maximum curb appeal through services like house washing and pressure washing. Our team knows the value of professional exterior cleaning to preserve your property’s beauty and keep it strong and sturdy for generations to come.

Pressure washing is a time-tested method that serves a variety of exterior cleaning purposes, using high-pressure water to blast away stains, as well as restore the brightness of your exterior installations. Not only does it clean the surfaces, but it also protects them! When you get a pressure washing service for your home or business, you’re removing the possibility of damage or deterioration from unhealthy contaminants like mold or mildew.

We Are The Pros In Pressure Washing

  • More pressure is not always better. Since our pros have years of experience in this field of work, they know exactly how much pressure to use when cleaning the surfaces around your home or business to not cause any damage. Your property is in good hands with us!
  • During our flat surface cleaning process, we use surface cleaners alongside our pressure washing equipment to ensure that every surface gets an even, thorough, and safe clean that you’ll love.
  • After we make sure your surfaces are sparkling clean, we always remove any piled-up debris from the cleaning process to leave you with a fresh space.
  • During the cleaning, we will usually apply a special solution that penetrates deep into the pores of your hard surfaces to kill the roots of any algae or moss that could grow back quickly if untreated.

Our Pressure Washing Process Offers A Guaranteed Clean

When you hire the Simple Clean team for a pressure washing service, you’re sure to experience our professionalism firsthand. If your surfaces are extra dirty, a cleaning solution is applied to lift any dirt or organic growths that might be harder to reach with pressure washing alone. Then our real work can begin as we clean the surfaces with our industry-grade equipment, effectively removing any heavy debris before we run our surface cleaners over the entire area. We might have to do this multiple times to ensure the deepest clean. Our last step is to rinse everything clean and pick up any debris from the cleaning. The only thing we’ll leave behind is a beautifully clean surface!

Pressure Washing Before and After

Pressure washing service gallery
Pressure washing service gallery
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Recent Pressure Washing Projects

Chimney Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA Image

Chimney Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA

The customer stated that multiple companies told them the rust stains on the chimney are impossible to get cleaned. Well, we beg to differ. We were able to get the rust stains cleaned along with any algae and black stains. Service: Chimney Cleaning […]

Metal Roof Cleaning in Vancouver, WA Image

Metal Roof Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

This metal roof had not been cleaned in many years and was very dirty in some sections. We were able to get all the dirt, grime, and algae cleaned off the roof safely and effectively. Service: Roof Cleaning […]

Tile Roof Cleaning in Brush Prairie, WA Image

Tile Roof Cleaning in Brush Prairie, WA

This project included the cleaning of the tile roof and the gutters around the home. The roof has not been cleaned for years resulting in moss and algae growing on the tile shingles. We were able to get the roof looking great again with our low-pressure […]

Brick Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA Image

Brick Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA

This project included the cleaning of the brick and flatwork around the property of the house. Brick work was cleaned by first applying a solution to lift any moss/algae allowing us to use lower pressure to clean the surfaces. The solution we use to clean brick […]

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